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In October 2018, Art With Me *GNP hosted the First Forum to create a National Network of Plastic Pollution along with UN Environment, Greenpeace, Organi-k and Chalchi Foundation.

200 attendees from the public, private sector, activists and citizens from more than 20 states in the country gathered to listen to presentations from the hosts and built working tables to exchange ideas and develop a roadmap to mitigate plastic pollution under four topics: communication, public policies, infrastructure and economy.

The event concluded with agreements and commitments that will lead to decrease the amount of plastic waste that has an inconvenient final destination. Through this forum, we had the opportunity to learn about the initiatives that are being carried out in different parts of the country around the problem. We also had the chance to see where the challenges are to move towards better habits and materials that are more friendly to the environment.

red Nacional de Soluciones a la Contaminación Plástico


As a result of the Plastic Pollution Forum, a national alliance was formed in order to have representatives in each state to work for the approval of state laws in the country to ban single use plastic. México City, Quintana Roo, Morelos, San Luis Potosi and Guerrero added recently to the list of a total of 14 states that have already banned plastic disposables and styrofoam.

Mexico Without Plastic is also working with the Senate of the Republic on a Federal initiative on the Integral Management of Plastics.


Representatives from the Mexico Without Plastic Alliance and Care With Me department, assisted to UN Conventions in Nairobi, Kenya in March 2019 and to Roatan Honduras in June 2019.

The meetings promoted a global movement of the proper handling of plastics and Art With Me’s interest is to learn from the main organizations of the world how to face the problem of disposable plastics in oceans.

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