Talks, workshops, art activities & significant events during the Art With Me *GNP festival



In 2018, we hosted 12 Beach & Town Clean Ups with the participation of Art With Me staff, tourists and locals. A total of 2.5 tons of waste was collected and sorted by colors and types to build “Now”, a collective art piece by artist Gianpaolo JP Bini.


During this year’s edition we held 4 cleaning brigades in partnership with civil organizations and social leaders to celebrate Earth Day.

The locations included:

  • Sian Kaan, the Protected Natural Reserve

  • Tulum Down Town

  • Jungle areas of Macario Gómez and Francisco Uhmay & nearby towns

2.7 tons of waste was collected.


Grupo Bronco, the legendary norteña and cumbia music band from northern México who is celebrating 38 years of musical career, inaugurated Art With Me *GNP with a free concert in town for local residents. In order to get in, attendees had to exchange a minimum 15 bottles of PET or aluminum cans for a concert ticket.

7,000 people attended the concert and we collected and recycled 1 ton of containers.

To create an even bigger impact we projected a video before the concert started where we explained the trash issue in Tulum and several special guests invited attendees to take action by minimizing their plastic use and by sorting their waste.


Art and ecology workshops, green cinema, speaker panels, interactive sessions, wellness activities, permaculture & gardening, mural painting and live music were part of the 4 day free programming at our town venue for local residents.

Art With Me *GNP and sponsors improved several spaces at Casa de la Cultura de Tulum (Culture House of Tulum):

  • Painting of the outside forum

  • Floor restoration of the gallery

  • Picnic tables

  • Mural at auditorium

  • Urban Garden


An urban garden was planted at Casa de la Cultura to Promote social organization and care for the environment. An educational space that held workshops to teach residents how to cultivate and harvest different edible and medicinal plants & herbs and build community. The Urban Garden will continue to offer activities led by permaculture expert and biologist Gerardo Villanueva, with 15 years growing experience in Quintana Roo, is assisting us in the development of an agroforestry system brimming with thriving diversity.

This type of garden is extremely resilient to drought, heavy rain, intense sun and pests, making it ideal for the area. The day to day functioning of the garden also ensures excellent biomass production elementary for the quality and health of our soil.

​There are garden work days on Monday, Wednesday and Friday where community members and visitors may volunteer in order to learn and participate in this wonderful co-creation.

Sign up at: +521 984 745 7500


Art with Me *GNP supported the 5th edition of the Jaguar Festival that took place in the town of Coba, Municipality of Tulum. This festival in the heart of the Mayan jungle is carried out to preserve the jaguar and Mayan traditions. The activities carried out included:

  • Inauguration and parade

  • Mayan epigraphy demonstration

  • Exhibition of artisanal products

  • Prehispanic dances and music

  • Unveiling of a Mayan stela

  • Prehispanic ball game tournament

  • Conferences on conservation of the Jaguar

Waste management plan for Tulum

Care With Me curates talks, workshops, art activities & significant events during the festival to inspire sustainable actions for our future.