Olmo Torres Talamante

Olmo Torres Talamante

Care With Me Manager

Born in Mexico City and Re-borne in Tulum in 1998 he is been exploring and experiencing the region since then. Founder and CEO of RAZONATURA (2007) a non-profit organization working on sustainable development.

  • Winner of scholarships and grants for more than US$300, 000
  • Member of international scientific societies
  •  Author of 4 scientific peer review papers
  •  Winner 1st Latin-American Underwater Journalism Contest
  • He is been working in productions for Wonders of Life, BBC, CHANEL 5 FRANCE & FUJI TV Japan

He is been part of independent films:

Olmo is the only Mexican cave diving biologist actively working on conservation of underwater cave systems. Groundwater is the sole source of fresh water in Yucatan Peninsula. At the same time he is doing research to better understand the ecological processes that make our caves tick.

Olmo has proven he has a gift for science and an ability to communicate his findings in a way that stakeholders and decision makers can understand. Those two qualities make him a key player in the Tulum’s future. He is developing environmental management systems for hospitality industry and is our sustainability expert at Care With Me.

“Business as usual is no longer an option”

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