Giving back to the Community and preserving Tulum’s environment

Care With Me

Tulum's natural environment is proof that heaven is a place on earth, but only if we choose to help preserve it. It is our duty as conscious beings to plant the seeds for our sustainable future locally, and to cause a ripple effect that will propel our collective love and healing for the human race across our planet.

Care With Me is an ongoing effort to contribute to Tulum’s sustainability. While Tulum remains an ecological refuge from overdevelopment, its accelerated growth has expedited the need for immediate consideration and resolution of environmental concerns.

Our Commitment

In an effort to raise awareness and bring solutions, Care With Me continues to operate year round and has 4 areas of action:

1. Establish good practices at festival venues to reduce environmental impact.
2. Host talks, workshops and art activities that will advice attendees how to take action.
3. Support the development and implementation of a Solid Waste Management Plan forTulum.
4. Involvement in world wide movements and seeking of alliances with national and international leaders that are educating and inspiring action for a more sustainable future.

Our Profesional Team

Abril Cortés

Care With Me Manager
Abril has been part of art & cultural projects that focus on ways to promote human wellness and deep social transformations. Parallel to her art and cultural management career, she has also developed as a yoga instructor and a musical therapist. These studies have created a wider understanding of the issues our present societies face motivating her to find more sensitive and integral solutions.

Living in Tulum has led her to study nature’s language closely and to understand its biological cycles. Her participation consists in helping build more sustainable ways of life by bringing the community together.

Arnold Ricalde

Strategic Alliances
He is an environmental activist that has been working for Mother Earth from the public, private and NGO sectors. He was an elected member of parliament, advisor of the Mexico City Governor, established networks in Mexico like Organi-K, Manos a la Tierra, Alianza México Sin Plástico, Derechos de la Madre Tierra, Animal Protection (APASDEM) and created a consulting environmental group.

His role in Care with Me is to seek alliances with key actors in the public, private and environmental sectors to strengthen the programs we build year round.

Biologist Olmo Torres

Care With Me Advisor
Re-borne in Tulum in 1998, Olmo has been exploring and experiencing the region since then, turning into a key player of Tulum. He is the founder and CEO of RAZONATURA (2007) a non-profit organization working on sustainable development.

Olmo is the scientist of CWM and expert on sustainability helping us to shape standards and goals for environmental and social responsibility.

Karla Acevedo

Red Tulum Sostenible Director
In 2005, seating in the shore of an empty beach in the pacific coast, Karla sent a message to the universe, “put me in a place where what I am and what I have in me can serve my community and this planet.” Three years later after spending most of her life in the dance and event production industry, she arrived to Tulum to realize this was the place. Soon she began a career as an environmental activist.

Today she is the President of a respected and well known NGO called Tulum Sostenible creating some of the most impacting actions to preserve Tulum ́s bio cultural heritage and promoting social connections for a healthier society.

Projects we are working on

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